Kick Balls.

Make Friends. Have Fun.
The Kickball Obsessed Adult Leagues Association, or KOALA Kickball, is an amateur, adult co-ed kickball league in Miami.

july, 2022

01jul8:00 pmWeek 3Grove & Gables

06jul8:00 pmWeek 5Miami Lakes

08jul8:00 pmWeek 4Grove & Gables

11jul8:00 pmWeek 6Volleyball @ Miami Lakes

13jul8:00 pmWeek 6Miami Lakes

15jul8:00 pmWeek 5Grove & Gables

18jul8:00 pmWeek 7Volleyball @ Miami Lakes

20jul8:00 pmWeek 7Miami Lakes

22jul8:00 pmWeek 6Grove & Gables

25jul8:00 pmWeek 8Volleyball @ Miami Lakes

27jul8:00 pmWeek 8Miami Lakes

29jul8:00 pmWeek 7Grove & Gables

31jul11:00 amPLAYOFFSVolleyball @ Miami Lakes

Choose a league

Miami Lakes

Wednesday Nights

@ PSN Park

Grove & Gables

Friday Nights

@ Coral Gate Park

Volleyball @ Miami Lakes

Monday Nights

@ PSN Park

Have fun

Whether you’re an enthusiast of kickball or koalas, you’ll have fun kicking balls – and not koalas – at Koala Kickball. Sure, we’ll have playoff games and first place teams receive a trophy in addition to bragging rights. But, with MVP games, home run derbies, and weekly themed-costume contests, there’s fun for everyone.

kickball heart 8bitLive longer

The American Heart Association recommends 150 minutes per week of physical activity to help prevent heart disease and strokes. What better way to stay healthy than by playing the sport you’ve loved since grade school?

After Party Every Week

If you’re 21+, enjoy beer specials and great food from our sponsors after each game!



Available in different colors.

  • Classic Cap

  • Koala Eucalyptus Bro Leggings

  • Koala Eucalyptus Ladies’ Leggings

  • Koala Kickball Cap

  • Koala Kickball Classic Raglan

  • Koala Kickball Ladies’ Tee

  • Koala Kickball Shorts

  • Koala Kickball Socks

  • Koala Kickball Stockings

  • Koala Kickball Tee

  • Koala Kickball Vice Tank Top

  • Neon Beanie